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If your property has been vandalised by graffiti you'll want it removed as quickly as possible without any further damage to the building.  Hydro Cleansing's graffiti removal division utilises high temperature steam cleaning and high pressure water jetting technology to completely remove any trace of the graffiti without damaging the structure.

Domestic cleaning products can often damage the surface area or leave very faint outlines of the graffiti, without completely removing it.  In these instances, high pressure jetting and steam cleaning can provide the only comprehensive way to remove the graffiti.

Our fully trained, experienced graffiti removal experts are capable of removing paint, ink or any other contaminant from brick, stone, concrete, metal and plastic signage, regardless of the surface, we will be able to remove it.  We pride ourselves on offering the most environmentally friendly service possible and that's why our steam cleaning units do not need to utilise any chemical components to get the job done.

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24 Hour Helpline

500 metres of Kevlar reinforced cable

Built in HD DVD Recorder

Full, comprehensive report within 48 hours

Accesses 150mm to 1,000mm diameter pipes

Full tilt and pan filming capabilities

Detects faults to prevent flooding

Smooth, self-levelling technology

HD camera for clear recording

Finds faults in sewers, drains and pipelines

Highly sophisticated robotic camera